I think everything in life is art, what you do,how you dress,the way you love someone,how you talk,your smile and your personality,what you believe in,and all your dreams,the way you drink your tea, how you decorate your house,or party, your grocery list,the food you make,how your writing looks,and the way you feel. Life is art.


Passionate Drizzle

Here we are as the sky is painting pictures that is stirring up love bliss in our souls.The breeze carries the fragrance of you,Nancy,I better can be nowhere else but where you are as the passionate drizzle falls down cooling the red hot love that is burning within us.

Dedicated to Nancy.

Shelter in the Rain

When the lights are down and the stage is bare

And no more magic’s in the air

There’s not a friend in sight to care

Your tears no one will share……

         I’ll be your comfort through your pain

         I’ll be your shelter in the rain…….



A classic from Stevie Wonder.