Beach or Forest? Which do you prefer? Why?

From Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia — A beach is a landform along the shoreline of an ocean,sea,lake or river.It usually consists of loose particles,which are often composed of rock,such as sand,gravel,shringles,pebbles,or cobllestones.
While a forest is a dense growth of trees,plants,and underbrush covering a large area.
For over a week now here in Paris,the weather has been so nice and mild.Before now,I had always being wearing thick coat and all wrapped up from head to toe because it has been cold.Now I can at least feel the first breath of Spring which is warm and sweet that I had always desired and so spending some time in the beach is not a bad idea 🙂
I prefer beach because I can always go snorkelling and have a swim.Regular exercise such as swimming in the beach,snorkelling or just jogging down the beach increases positive physical benefit that sleep brings.Regular exercise enables us to fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer period.Sleep is important because it allows time for you muscles to repair themselves.Going for a long walk down the beach during Spring and Summer time will also enable the body to make Vitamine D.This is essential for strong bones as it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.Vitamine D also helps to regulates the growth of skin cells.The human body can actually make all of the Vitamine D it needs just by catching some rays outside. I love being beside the sea also because of that feeling of enjoyment,calmness and refreshment.This is a psychological benefit.
Wishing you all my friends a wonderful Spring time. PEACE!!! 🙂


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