Learning Process.

I often do have a real,deep,crying-from-laughing belly laugh.But the most recent was yesterday.First and foremost,let me say that at the moment I do take french courses and so I was given a home-work on grammar to do by my french teacher.So one of the question was about a “surrounded wall” and the french translation of a surrounded wall is “mur d’enceinte” and unknowingly to me translating that as an english speaker is “pregnant wall”.I was confused and begin to wonder how can a wall be pregnant.I left that question unanswered.The next day was submission and when my french teacher asked me why didn’t I answer the question.I told her why and when she told me the translation,it sounds very funny to me.

What I learned in that is that,sometimes you do not need to use your first language to translate the learning one even though when it is inevitableĀ  sometims because it could be confusing.Be it as it may,it is a learning process and mistakes are bond to happen.

Have a nice holiday!!! PEACE!!!