Day 11 of Reading The Bible in 365 Days

adjusting your focus

Job 21-26

Hallie says Job 21 is basically saying when we die that the good and the evil shall be in the same boat, meaning they will not be different nor separated.

Job is arguing the injustice of the wicked and how they live a rich life with all their wealth, fertile cows producing offspring, many children dancing and playing about and they all go to their graves in peace, and tell God, who are you that we should pray to you, we know you not.  Yet, the good, the upright, the just people live a tortured life, being tested and tormented.  God saves a man’s punishment for his sons.  Job agrees with me that the punishment should befall the man himself, not his offspring.

22 – Hallie says that Eliphaz is accusing Job of being wicked and sinful since he has no right to accuse God The Almighty.


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Day 7 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

adjusting your focus

I just wanted to add something from one of the days before.  I said that Job had lost everything but he had not lost his wife.

Job 6 thru 9

Hallie and I agree that Job 6 reads beautifully.  Job is complaining and ready for death, hoping for God to crush him.  We believe that Job is accusing God of being unjust in terrorizing the blameless right along with the wicked.  He punished and tortures those who are good and those who are evil.

Job 7 – Hallie says, “Oh, so true.”  She feels that God is torturous, or at least at times, it feels that way.  I, too, have felt that way quite often.  In this chapter, Job is accusing God of torturing him and testing him every single moment and questions him as to why, why can’t God just leave him alone and let him die, look for…

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