Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing

adjusting your focus

Day 28 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Hallie’s at her dad’s this evening, so I’ll be doing tonight’s Bible study & blog on my own and catch her up tomorrow.

Genesis 27 – Isaac had become so old that his sight had failed him.  He asked Esau, his firstborn, “Go hunt some wild game and prepare it the way I like and serve me so that I can give you my blessing before I die.”  Rebekah overheard the conversation and she quickly tells her son, Jacob, about it and to go fetch 2 young goats from the flock so she can fix Isaac some tasty food just the way he likes it and Isaac can give Jacob his blessing.  Jacob says, “But surely he’ll know I’m not Esau, as Esau is hairy and I am smooth.  He’ll know I’m tricking him and I’ll be cursed rather than blessed.” …

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