adjusting your focus

Day 30 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days (Part 1) – Sorry, this is longer than I had planned.

Gen 29 – Jacob arrived in Paddan Aram.  Rachel was daughter of Laban, Jacob’s mother’s (Rebekah) brother (or Jacob’s uncle, so Rachel was his 1st cousin).  He kissed Rachel and he wept.  He told Rachel who he was and Rachel ran and told her father.  When Laban heard of Jacob, he hurried to meet him and brought him to his home.

Jacob stayed in Laban’s house for a month and then Laban offered Jacob wages for his work.  Jacob offered to work for him 7 years, then be allowed to marry Rachel.  Laban had 2 daughters, Leah, the older and Rachel, the younger.  Jacob was in love with Rachel.  Laban agreed to his terms and Jacob stayed with him and worked for him 7 years.  Finally, Jacob asked for his…

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