40 – 53 of Question Survey

(40) Have you ever been a girl/boy scout? No

(41) If you were travelling to another continent,would you rather fly or take a boat? I would rather fly.It is more faster,safer and convenient than boat.

(42) Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night? The phenomenon behind this is that light/sunlight is divided into different spectra i.e six different colours(Orange,Violet,blue,red,yellow and green) and during the day,the only colour that does not bounce back to the earth surface is blue and that is what the human eye can see.

(43) What does your name mean? Patrick means a Noble man.

(44) Would rather explore the deeps of the ocean or outer space?Explore outer space.

(45) Word association: what is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word
Air: oxygen
Meat: cow
Different: Race,gender
Pink: pop artist Pink,flower,colour
Deserve: consequence
Elvis: legendary singer
magic: voodoo
Heart: love
Pulp: soft

(46) If you would meet any person in the world who is dead who would you want it to be? Nobody. For me, there is no link between the living and dead.

(47) What if you would meet any body who is alive? Jesus.A similar answer with a friend.

(48) Is there a movie that you love so much you could watch it every day? Yes, several like Lion King,The queen of winter and Harry potter.

(49) You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week? what do you bring to do? I don’t like to be stuck in a closet,elevators and stuff like that. I have a phobia for that.

(50) Have you ever saved someone’s life or had your life saved? I haven’t got the opportunity to save someone’s life but I think if I have the opportunity I will not hesitate to save a life. Or maybe indirectly with the humanitarian work that I do.

(51) Make up a definition for the following silly words…..
Fruitgoogle – Can be define as the process of looking for a scarce fruit that can not be found easily in a particular region.
Ambytime – can be refers to as the actuel time to be at a ceremony,church,school etc The synonym is PROMPT
Asscactus – it’s a molecule that absorbs water from air and prevent skin dryness.It can only be seen with the help of a microscope. You can find all these words from Patrick advance learners’ Dictionary…. hahahaha !!!!!

(52) What was the last thing you made with your own hands?
Just yesterday, I prepared a local Nigerian soup that is richly spiced with hot chilly pepper.It is called edikiankor and it can be eaten with semovita. I invited my french friends to come and eat.They enjoyed it but they complained that it was too peppery for them.It was fun.

(53) What was your favorite toy as a child?
I don’t know if BMX bicycle can be refer as a toy.That was a gift I got from my friend’s dad after I did well in my exams.


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