Burnout is characterized by chronic exhaustion and strong feelings of frustration and powerlessness.It can lead to numerous emotional and physical health problems.

Some Causes Of Burnout

1) Work Overload -: When employers demand that employees should work for longer hours and at times for less money.

2) Technology -: New technologies now keeps workers in constant contact with their jobs thereby blurring the lines between work and private life.

3) Lack of control over your work.

4) Job insecurity.

5) In the pursuit of career goals and greater income.This is a self-inflited burnout.

How To Deal With Burnout

1) Evaluate your priorities -: By clarifying your priorities, you must be prepare to make difficult decisions and accept trade-offs.
Yes, it is true we need the income but if we put it over family relationships and good health in our list of priorities, we are likely to suffer burnout. (Please read Luke 12:15)

2)Simplify your life -: Happiness does not link to income level and possessions as it is believed today but a simpler lifestyle can bring greater freedom and satisfaction.
Reduce stress and make time for what you truly value by considering working fewer hours.Not too worry, it may not be as hard as you might think.
Read 1 Timothy 6:8

3) Learn when to say NO to work -: Discuss unrealistic workload or some other persistent problems in your workplace with your employer.Without fear or favour,reassure your employer of what you can do and what you can’t do.Reach a mutually agreeable work arrangement with your employer.
Remember that your prospects for finding a different job are better while you are still employed.
Please read Matthew 4:3

4) Renew yourself -: Make time for sufficient rest and balanced recreation.Cultivate interest like reading,writing,sports etc and friendships. Avoid defining yourself by the type and amount of work that you do.
Read Ecclesiastes 4:3

Life is not all about making so much money.Adjust your focus to more important things and your relationship will improve tremendously and you will be much happier.

Have a free burnout week. God bless y’all !