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adjusting your focus

Well, we have entered yet another year.  How many resolutions have you set?  Or did you set goals?  How many of us set unrealistic goals for ourselves, only with the best of intentions, to never even start our action plan?  What good is that free gym pass if we don’t actually use it?  What good is that new camera if we never take it outside and capture the beauty all around you?  And I’m not talking about selfies!  Get over that people!  It’s not all about YOU!

We set plans of eating less and healthier only to continue gorging Christmas candy and leftover brownies (well heck!  I’m sure not letting THOSE go to waste!) and leftover lunch items from New Year’s Day.  Oh, the lunch items are healthy enough but piling it vertically just to see how much will actually fit on that plate is gross.

We aspire to be…

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Part 2 of Random Acts of Kindness/Pay It Forward/Pass it On Club Thingy

It cost nothing to put a smile on someone’s face.

adjusting your focus

pass it onOkay, I need a name for this.  Gonna start a new blog for it so it will have it’s own space.  Once I have some extra moola, I may get a separate website for it altogether, but for now, while it’s a baby, it’ll start off with just a separate blog page.

So, I did about one minute of research and know that “Random Acts of Kindness,” and “Pay It Forward” are taken.  I don’t see much of anything for “Pass It On,” so what do you think of this for a name?  Any ideas?  Do you like it?  Do you have any other ideas?

Who wishes to participate?  If you wish to participate, please let me know all your ideas so we can started with this thing.

Ideas to help others:

1.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter, food pantry or community closet.

2.  When the season is right…

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The Desert Tradition

When Jesus was preparing for his ministry as well as his battle with satan, he went to the desert;somewhere away from the church,people,family and friends.According to the book of Matthew;God’s spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil.He prepared for a spiritual battle by separating himself from all earthly dependency like food and water.He fasted for forty days and constantly praying to God. While fasting in the desert,satan tested him with things of the world and Jesus overcame and resisted devil with the words of the scripture and thereafter angels came to ministered to Jesus.

There is a place on each of our spiritual journeys where the spirit also desires to lead us into the desert.We hear him calling to us in the restlessness and weariness of our own heart.We do not hear the first time the spirit speaks to us because we are too busy chasing earthly things or sometimes we assume we are just not doing enough to be spiritual. sometimes like Samuel we should trust totally in God and lay down our “doings” and simply make our needs known to Christ and by so doing we will know and realise when God is speaking to us in our hearts and follow him into the desert.

Merry Christmas to all and a prosperous new year with abundant of blessings.:)

How God sees us.

  • You are deeply and completely loved. ( Rom 8: 38 – 39)
  • You are totally and completely forgiven. (1 John 2: 2 – 12)
  • when God sees you, He sees the righteousness of Jesus. (2 cor. 5 – 12)
  • You mean the whole world to Him. (John 3:16)
  • He thinks you are beautiful.Right now (Song of solomon 4: 1)
  • He is committed to your restoration (Roman 8:29)
  • You are now,nor have you ever been alone.(Hebrew 13:5)

So you can be rest assured that the battle is of the lord’s.Have a beautiful day 🙂